Botany 2011 Symposia and Colloquia Schedule

Monday - All Day

Biocultural Collections: Developing Standards for Curation and Use

Organizer - Jan Salick

Monday - Morning

Incorporating microbes into plant community ecology

Sponsored by - BSA Mycological Section
Organizer - Melissa McCormick

Charles Heiser Special Contributed Paper Session

Organizer: Gregory Anderson

Monday - Afternoon

Advances in Plant Systematics and Population Genomics: Applications of Next Generation Techniques

Sponsored by - BSA Ecology Section and the BSA Genetics Section
Organizer - Ashley N. Egan

Tuesday - Morning

History of Botany: The Missouri Connection

Sponsored by - BSA Historical Section
Organizer - Marissa C.J. Grant

Healing the planet: medicinal plants and the legacy of Richard E. Schultes

Sponsored by: The Society for Economic Botany and the BSA Economic Botany Section

Tuesday - Afternoon

Innovations in organismal botany - a tribute to the pioneering studies of Donald A. Eggert

Sponsored by - BSA Paleobotany Section
Organizer - Gar Rothwell

The fruitful outcome of graduate student-designed curricula: research modules, publishing opportunities, and outreach inspired by the NSF’s Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) Program

Sponsored by - BSA Education Committee and the BSA Teaching Section
Organizer - Rachel Meyer

70 Years After Schultes: Economic Botany from the Andes to the Amazon

Organizer - Rainer Bussmann

Wednesday - Morning

Plant reproductive strategies under environmental stress

Sponsored by - BSA Ecology Section and the BSA Genetics Section
Organizer - Arathi Seshadri

Grab that Research Baton and Teach: Bessey Award Winners

Sponsored by - BSA Teaching Section
Organizer - Stokes S. Baker

Healing the Planet: Conservation of the World's Tropical Forests

The Third William L. Brown Symposium
Organizer - Rainer Bussmann

Wednesday - Afternoon

Strategies for healing our coast lines: Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, erosion and urban degradation: progress for the North American future marine macro-plants

Sponsored by - BSA Physiology Section
Organizer - Anitra Thorhaug

Onagraceae as a model experimental system

Sponsored by - ASPT and BSA Systematics Section
Organizer - Peter Hoch

Education Sharing our Ethnobotany Curriculum: the Open Science Approach

Organizer - Keri Barfield