Photography Workshop

Sponsored by: Botanical Society of America and the Society for Economic Botany

1:00 PM - Welcome & Agenda Overview - Why do we take photos? Who is the audience?

Setting the Stage: Two types of photography
• Looking at photos; what can we learn?
• DSLR user: Why I need a P/S camera, too?
• P/S user: What do I add with a DSLR?

1:30 PM - The First Decision: Why am I taking this photo? Documentation or “Art”

The Basics: Exposure, ISO and Lighting
• Hardware [lens, tripod, cable release, lighting]
• Camera settings
• Exotica: Exposure merging & focus stacking

Flowers2:00 PM - Outdoor Photo Shooting

• Assignments
• Venue

7:00 PM - Post-Processing

• Moving & Organizing Photos
• Adding Metadata
• Editing [crop, resize, sharpen]
• On-Line Photo Storage

8:00 PM - Photo Critique




Participating Societies
American Fern Society
Society for Economic Botany
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Botanical Society of America